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Profit Strategy

What is a profit strategist?

A profit strategist is a stand-alone role for a business that helps owners optimise profitability and maximise the earning potential of the company. They evaluate the business and look at overall goals and work backwards, helping business owners to make better financial decisions with long term benefits.

An accountant works on the numbers and looks at historic trends and efficiencies.


We are both! Combining both accounting support and profit strategy we can help you understand your numbers, learn how to make more profit, and keep your hard-earned money!


At Cedar house Accounting we support you with all your accounting and legal requirements. We can then use these numbers and data to anyalse your business performance and implement a profit strategy.


We help identify a profit strategy that brings together the current performance of the business, KPI goals and marketing collaborations to help you achieve these goals through new efficiencies and growth.


Introducing our 3-pillar approach!!


  • Understanding

Helping business owners understand all the numbers, technical jargon, responsibilities and how these affect the performance of your business through key KPI’s of net profit, net assets, and net debt.


  • Making

Analysing a businesses existing products and services, identifying the cash cows from the star products, identifying pricing models that work and how to increase the cash flow into the business.


  • Keeping

Helping businesses to keep more of their hard-earned money through cost saving plans, tax efficiencies and investments. Learning how to work lean with the highest productivity while still working towards a profit growth plan.


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