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Do you feel like you should know exactly how much profit you are making but don’t know who to ask or where to start? Does the thought of sitting down to look at your accounts fill you with dread and completely overwhelmed?

We offer small group workshops to help you understand your businesses finances and take back control! In our workshops we cover:

  • Understand what is happening in your business now
  • How your business is performing from a financial point of view
  • Ways you can increase profit and avoid common problems
  • Pricing and how to plan to get the desired profit
  • 3 month cash flow plan

With actions for you to take away and implement in your business straight away! All this and much more! Keep up to date and be in the know ready for our next event by joining our mailing list now.


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In this masterclass we teach you what your own finances mean and how your business is performing, teach you easy actions to help improve profit and make sure you achieve your next 3 month financial goals!

No question is too silly and we will make sure you come away more confident, feeling in control and with a whole bank of new skills that you can apply to your business finances!

Book now to take advantage of the Early Bird Price of just £149!! (Usually £199!). 

We offer a free no obligation consultation!

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