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Planning something big? A new project or venture is an exciting time but can also be incredibly overwhelming! So where do you start??


It is important to plan your project to make sure you meet your goals and achieve your vision. The age old saying of ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Being clear on what you want to achieve and why will help you define your project and come up with each of the individual steps that will help you get there.

It is also important to put a timescale to your idea. Not only when do you want to start and finish but when do you want to finish each stage – when do you want to agree the lease on a new premise’s? When do you want to start bringing in new staff?

We all know the feeling when we are faced with something big to do on our list and it just keeps getting pushed to one side because we don’t know where to start or it’s seems too overwhelming. Planning you project and working through a structure helps to break this barrier and achieve your ultimate goal!


So where do you start? There are many tools out there to help you on your way and teach you how to plan your project. Using things like an excel template to help you plan your project costs and your budget or following something a little more structure that explains step by step.

Tracking your projecting costs is one of the most important tasks from a financial point of view. Make sure you are only spending what you can afford and if you spend a little too much in one area, cut back on another if you can. And always build in a contingency bucket of money for those unexpected items!

Once you have all this in place it becomes far easier to track your progress along the way. Always keep looking back at your plan to make sure you have covered everything and that your spending is under control. Don’t let all that hard work planning go to waste!


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