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We have seen a huge increase in the number of small business start-ups over recent months. This is an amazing and exciting journey to start. But many feel completely overwhelmed when it comes to keeping your accounts and registering a new business, So here is our Starting your business E-Book which is out now!!

Here you will find some information on starting a new business from HMRC.

We have helped many new small businesses and are always asked the same questions. Met with the same fear and overwhelm by each individual. However, we unfortunately also see many individuals who have started a business with little guidance. Where some things haven’t quite gone to plan ending up in some scary tax bills or overwhelming responsibilities.


We also believe in getting advice and set up correct right from the very beginning in any aspect of business. Investing some time at the start is absolutely key and can save you from some huge headaches later down the line. We are huge advocates for small businesses in any trade and or activity and want to teach and share as much as we possibly can.


Registering and starting a new business can be easy and straight forward if you follow just a few key steps!  Which is why we have put together a new E-Book specifically designed to help new entrepreneur’s or anyone thinking of starting up!

This E-Book takes the new business owner through our 6 keys steps you need to know when starting out! We also share checklist, hints, tips and much more to help you make sure you new business starts off on the right foot!

Starting your business e-book cover’s:

  • How to choose the right legal structure for your business
  • How to register as self-employed with HMRC
  • Your obligations and filing deadlines, bank accounts
  • Software
  • How to record and keep track of your income and expenses
  • Checklists
  • Hints, Tips and much much more! Pretty much everything you need to know!

The book is broken down and presented in a really easy to read format.  With no accounting or legal jargon to get your head around – just simple tools, tricks and key notes that you need to follow to make sure your business is set up correctly right from the very beginning.

We really wish you every success in your new business and hope we can help you make this as easy as possible! All this for just £27!!!

Buy now by emailing us at or directly from our website 

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