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Top tips for delegation

By January 27, 2020April 24th, 2020No Comments

By Heidi Setchfield

When it comes to growing your business, delegating and/or outsourcing is probably one of the biggest steps you can take. It will also be one of the most hardest things you have to do. Delegating will also allow you the space to focus on the income producing tasks that are vital for your businesses growth.

Knowing when and how to delegate is not easy which is why I have written my top tips below.

Decide which tasks you should delegate!

With this you need to think of both the short-term and long term goal. Think of what you need support with immediately? How can somebody else pick this up and run with it? An example of this could be you need to manage your diary, are you constantly missing appointments, turning up late and always stressed? Remember first impressions count.

Introduce some team members

You need to accept that you can’t run a business all on your own and that’s okay. With help comes extra opportunities and growth! Bringing in the right person is a big decision and therefore not one to take lightly. You may decide that hiring an employee is not right for you and may look to outsource to a Virtual Assistant. If so,

Choose the right Virtual Assistant for you!

It is important get to know your virtual assistant, whether that’s through a face to face chat over a coffee or a simple phone call! Give them direction and show them that you believe in them, this can be done in many ways, from weekly catch-ups to asking many questions. it’s important that you feel confident in their capabilities and you let them know this! This is where Tip 1 will really come in useful as you will already have a list of tasks that you want to outsource and you can therefore concentrate on finding a VA who specialises in these. Not all VAs offer the same service.

Don’t be over-controlling

Delegating can be a struggle, especially if you’re very used to running everything on your own. You can guide your virtual assistant but not too much. You need to remember that the tasks you set are no longer your tasks, it might take a while for this to become the regular but that’s expected! You will also find, in time, that the VA will be able to undertake these tasks quicker and even better than you.

Remember, mastering delegating isn’t something that will happen overnight. These things take time and patience, and that will come!

Are you looking for someone to help with your never-ending list of tasks? That’s where Setchfield VA Services comes in, from digital reorganisation to organisation to helping your review your systems and processes.

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